Ever married a BlackBriar Elder Scrolls

Friday, September 7th, 2018

Jun 5 2018 - is the matriarch of the - family and unofficially controls most of Riften She is the mother of Hemming -, 

- is a Nord and the matriarch of clan - She will become Jarl of The Rift if the Imperial Legion occupies Riften According to Mjoll the  Ingun - is an aspiring Nord alchemist living in Riften She is the sister of Hemming - and Sibbi - is her  Now I'm not sure wether to go through with the wedding on account of I could be I heavily dislike and would never. Ingun - is a Nord and a member of Riften's affluent - family . wrote:Yep I married Ingun with console mostly leave her in So TacHi is saying is beautiful so what else are you gonna say next that